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UNIT Editions (x9 Book Bundle)

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Editor: Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy, + others
Publisher: Unit Editions, London
Publication: 2009-2020, First Edition
Text: English
Design: Spin, London

Kickstart your Unit collection with this x9 book bundle, which offers a saving of 30% when purchased separately.

Unit Editions is an independent publisher of books on graphic design and visual culture. Co-founded in 2009 by SPIN directors Tony Brook and Patricia Finegan alongside author Adrian Shaughnessy, Unit has to date published almost fifty books — most often monographs on individual designers and studios or deep dives into design history. (Source)

1) Action Time Vision: from the collections of Russ Bestley & Tony Book [Unit 26], 2016 (Signed) – (From the publisher) 'Music from the punk era transformed the world of music. If you could play three chords, you could make records. You didn’t even need a record label. You could start your own. The same thing happened in graphic design. All you needed were a few a sheets of Letraset and access to a photocopier, and you could make your own record covers. And lots of people did just that…’.

2) Studio Culture Now: Advice and guidance for designers in a changing world [Unit 45], 2020 – (From the publisher) 'Studio Culture Now features in-depth interviews with a host of leading design studios. The interviewees share their experiences, insights, fears and joys, and reveal how they deal with the fundamentals and aspirations of studio life. Candid and generous, these extensive Q&As form a blueprint for anyone planning a studio practice, or anyone struggling with maintaining one.’

3) Studio Culture: The secret life of the graphic design studio, 2009 – (Preface) 'Studio Culture provides a unique glimpse into the inner workings of 28 leading graphic design studios. In a series of penetrating interviews, the secret life of the studio is revealed, and the mechanics of building and maintaining a vibrant studio culture are laid bare with disarming frankness.’

4) Paula Scher: Works [Unit 30], 2017 – 'Paula Scher: Works is the definitive visual record of the groundbreaking graphic designer and Pentagram partner. Published by Unit Editions, the 522-page book presents the most extensive monograph of Scher’s career to date, featuring over 300 projects from from her early days in the music industry as an art director with CBS and Atlantic Records, through the launch of her first studio, Koppel & Scher, to her 25-year engagement with Pentagram…’ (Source)

5) Type Plus [Unit 17], 2014 (From the publisher) 'Type Plus investigates the practice of combining typography with images to increase effectiveness, potency and visual impact. Today, graphic designers use type in partnership with graphic elements in ways that turbo charge meaning and impact. Type plus image – or images – can greatly enhance typographic expression. And letterforms themselves, when redrawn, combined, distorted, or augmented with decorative embellishments, can enhance meaning and lend emotive qualities to all kinds of typographic communication. By focusing on a host of contemporary practitioners from around the world, Type Plus creates a picture of a new dynamism in typographic expression. The era of type as a passive, semi-invisible holder of meaning is long gone. Book includes interviews with Non-Format, TwoPoints.Net and Erik Brandt.’

6) Lance Wyman: Process. A proposal for the 1976 USA Bicentennial identity [Unit 41], 2018 – (From the publisher) 'This book is a near facsimile of the one-off, leather-bound ‘sketchbook’ (shown left) that Lance Wyman made to catalogue his design process for the creation of a logo and graphic identity for the 1976 USA Bicentennial celebrations to mark the creation of the USA as an independent republic. It’s a record of the creative process that Wyman went through to arrive at a refined and workable solution. It’s rare for designers to reveal so much of their inner workings, and even rarer for it to be documented with this degree of thoroughness. But Lance Wyman is no ordinary designer…’.

7) Karlssonwilker On America [Unit 42], 2018 – (From the publisher) 'New York-based design studio Karlssonwilker take on ‘America’ in the debut issue of ON, Unit’s new print platform where designers examine a single subject. For ON #1, Karlssonwilker examine their adopted home of America in their own inimitable style. As outsiders who have been working in the US for 18 years, Jan Wilker and Hjalti Karlsson – German and Icelandic, respectively – offer up “a compilation of our thoughts and observations on our surroundings and encounters throughout our years in New York…”.

8) Eating With The Eyes [Unit 23], 2015 – (From the publisher) 'Eating With The Eyes [Unit 23] is a visual mediation and a photographic recording of accidental events spanning over a decade and collected from Harry Pearce’s journeys around the world. Harry Pearce is a Pentagram partner, eternal optimist, human rights activist, dream diary keeper, graphic designer, accidentalist and photographer...'

9) Unit: Design/Research 04: Burning England, 2019 (From the publisher) 'England's Burning is a pictographic narrative of the English riots and how they unfolded. From the initial shooting of Mark Duggan through to the stern sentences enforced on the rioters — all told without words.'

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