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New Alphabets A to Z (Herbert Spencer / Colin Forbes)

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Editor(s): Herbert Spencer, Colin Forbes
Publisher: Lund Humphfries
Publication: 1973, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, section sewn
Pages: 72
Size: 210 x 195
Text: English

(Foreword) 'Over 600 million people, spread over more than sixty countries of the world, use the roman alphabet. Much of what they read daily is necessarily produced in letters which have been designed primarily to serve the functional requirements of the printing process and the demand for legibility and easy recognisability. In such a context relatively subtle changes, such as the shape or elimination of serifs, may be regarded as revolutionary and provoke strong reactions from experienced readers. But while the conventionally printed word remains the norm there are today many situations in which special, and sometimes even eccentric, letter forms become necessary. Developments in electronics have inspired many such designs. High speed travel and the need for quick and accurate decisions by motorists and others have produced other solutions. But beyond all these changes in the way letters are read, changes in printing techniques and the new freedom from the constraints of metal type—which for five centuries dominated alphabetic printing — have encouraged designers to produce original, amusing, eye-catching, or even bizarre. alphabets for special and often quite ephemeral purposes. While much of what is printed is of a strictly functional nature printing does also provide an arena where human imagination, joy, and playfulness can be expressed through the highly evocative symbols which are one of our most powerful means for communicating not only ideas but also emotions.'

 The book contains 38 full alphabets and numerals (66 illustrations, with 5 in colour) designed by a wide variety of cutting-edge typographers of the time; Anthon Beeke, Bentley/Farrell, Derek Birdsall, Tom Carnase, Ivan Chermayeff and Thomas Geismar, Christine Charlton, Alan Clarvis, Brian Coe, Silvio Coppola, Wim Crouwel, Timothy Epps, Alan Fletcher, Alan Fletcher and Mervyn Kurlansky, Bob Gill, Joe Gillespie, David Goodall, John Gorham, Eli Gross, Chris Harrison, Armin Hoffman, George Hoy, Nick Jenkins, Ron van der Meer, Eric Mourier, Wolff Olins, WJHB Sandberg, David Tuhill.

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