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British Pavilion: XXXIII Venice Biennale 1966 (Herbert Spencer)

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Introduction: David Thompson
Publisher: British Council, London
Publication: 1966, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, saddle-stitch
Pages: 32
Size: 240 x 265
Text: English
Design: Herbert Spencer

The 33rd Venice Biennale, held in 1966, was an exhibition of international contemporary art, with 36 participating nations. The Venice Biennale takes place biennially in Venice, Italy.

(Introduction) 'It has become rapidly apparent in the last few years that an entirely new spirit has entered into both British painting and British sculpture. It could be claimed that at no period since the war has there been a generation of British painters less regional in its outlook, yet more assured in its independence, than that which is now in its mid-thirties and is represented in this exhibition by Bernard Cohen, Harold Cohen, Robyn Denny and Richard Smith. It is a generation which has had the confidence to break with its own past, to meet what threatened at one time to be the overwhelming challenge of the new painting from the United States, and to emerge with a strength and character of its own. British painting is now, perhaps for the first time, in a position to make a contribution to post-war art as distinctive as that which British sculpture made in the early 1950s. At the same time, a revolution in British sculpture itself has recently followed the revolution in painting - a revolution possibly even more radical in its ideas than the first and more far-reaching in its implications. The pioneer of this second revolution was Anthony Caro.'

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