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Graphis Annual 74/75 (Walter Herdeg)

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Editor: Walter Herdeg
Publisher: The Graphis Press, Zurich.
Publication: 1974, First Edition
Binding: Hardcover, section sewn
Pages: 235
Size: 245 x 305
Text: English, French, German

Graphis Annual 74/75. The International Annual of Advertising and Editorial Graphics.


  • Abbreviations
  • Advertisements
  • Annual Reports
  • Book Jackets
  • Booklets
  • Calendars
  • House Organs
  • Letterheads
  • Magazine Covers
  • Magazine Illustrations
  • Newspaper Illustrations
  • Packaging
  • Record Covers
  • Trade Marks

(Introduction) 'Appropriately, the ancient Greek observation "we cannot step into the same stream twice" comes to mind when one assesses a collection of a year's effort in the graphic arts. The idea of continuing change is particularly relevant when we consider that the flow of creativity does not begin promptly on the first day of every year, and terminate conveniently on the last. A visual anthology such as this annual enjoys special value because it offers the observer of the graphic milieu a reflective moment to study its tides and movements at closer range. In that focus, one can pick Out in detail the larger and smaller elements that make up its diversity. Visual language, more so than other languages, is in a constant state of flux. While a formal or written tongue is confined largely to its national enclave and customs, graphic and visual concepts are exported and imported with little or no hindrance from national barriers or cultural tariffs.'

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