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TypoGraphic Writing (ISTD)

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Editor: David Jury
Publisher: International Society of Typographic Designers
Publication: 2001, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, section sewn
Pages: 332
Size: 170 x 245
Text: English

(Preface) 'For thirty years (since 1971) the pages of TypoGraphic, the journal of the ISTD, have recorded what it has meant to be a typographer in the midst of turbulent change. Change affecting not only all aspects of working practice, but also social and moral issues, aesthetics, language, semiotics and globalisation to name but a few.

The period begins as letterpress was giving way to photo-typesetting (and Letraset!) and continues through to the rise of computers and digital type, electronic publishing and the internet. All of these and the myriad of issues surrounding their use and applications are represented in this anthology.'

Working practice

  • Whatever happened to Bob Gill, Peter Proto
  • Letraset International Typeface Competition results 1973, Peter Proto
  • Do we need more or fewer typefaces? Alan Jones
  • The rules of the game, FHK Henrion
  • Data for stationery design, Brian Grimbly
  • A house-style for the seventies, Shona Burns
  • Is the quality of typeface design deteriorating? Günter Lange
  • Extracts from talks with Derek Birdsall on the subject of book design, Peter Rea
  • The typography of Wolfgang Weingart, Bernd Zürker
  • A process in typography, Daniel Friedman
  • Where you are, where you've been and where you're going, Richard Dragun
  • Record sleeve design, the graphic trend-setter, Catherine McDermott
  • Rhetoric and design, Hanno Ehses
  • British design: image and identity, Frederique Huygen
  • The new British telephone directory, Colin Banks
  • Bell Centennial, George Sadek
  • The books of Ken Campbell, Ken Garland
  • Adventure on the Underground, Giovanni Lussu
  • Through the eyes of a child: perception and type design, Rosemary Sassoon
  • Serving author and reader, Wolfgang Tiessen
  • Wim Crouwel -the 1997 remix, Alice Twemlow
  • Never confuse fine words with good deeds, Michael Caine
  • Glasgow 1999: competition to design a corporate typeface, Patrick Baglee
  • Language from the outside, Holger Jacobs
  • Assisting with enquiries, Clive Chizlett
  • Johann Cruyff, corporate America and a shortwave radio, Martin Perrin
  • What do you consider to be cutting-edge graphics? Liz Farrely
  • Typography versus commercial lettering, Fred Smeijers
  • The languages of design, Jan van Son
  • Real world, Jeremy Tankard


  • Standard specification system for print, Maurice Goldring
  • The field of a majuscule, Anthony Froshaug
  • LOGos: letter-spacing with a computer, David Kindersley
  • Typesetting principles that are academic, Fred Thompson
  • Creative design and the computer , HK Henrion
  • Designing for Prestel and after, Mervyn Kurlansky
  • Maintaining standards with medium to low resolution digital typefaces, David Saunders
  • A new breed of designer? Martin Poole
  • Who does what - and why? Colin Cohen
  • When will we see what we get? Andrew Boag
  • Matthew Carter: let typography look like type, Jenny Towndrow
  • Gerard Unger: forget hot metal -this is hot chocolate! Jenny Towndrow
  • Due to increased dynamic range…. play it loud, Teal Triggs
  • A new medium, Nicky Gibson


  • JH Mason, typography, and the art school ethos,David Jury
  • A time of change... Justin G Beament
  • The Working Party on Typographic Teaching: Interim Report, Michael Twyman
  • Vocational courses in graphic design, A J Marshall
  • Standards, E Carr
  • Graphic designers or typographers? Mafalda Spencer
  • Are present day design courses really necessary? Philip Turner
  • Students who don't read, Don Rooum
  • Typography is too important to be taught to designers, Cal Swann
  • Is 50% creativity enough? Jonathan Doney
  • From now on everything will (continue to) change, David Jury
  • Designing the real world, Alan Robertson


  • Facts concerning the origin of the STD,Vincent Steer
  • The formative years of Dutch graphic design,Pieter Brattinga
  • Patriots, philosophers and printers, Colin Banks
  • Peter Behrens as a typographer, Alan Windsor
  • The telephone directory in The Netherlands, Jolijn van de Wouw
  • Edward Wright, Joseph Rykwert

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