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Print for exporters, a supplement to Design magazine

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Editor: Alec Davis
Publisher: Council of Industrial Design
Publication: 1964, First Edition
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 84
Size: 220 x 285
Text: English

(Foreword) 'This supplement does not tell British manufacturers how to export, or why. It deals with just one aspect of exporting: the use of printed material in finding new customers and keeping old customers happy. It has two main aims: to explain the planning, design and production of literature to manufacturers who at present use no printed matter to promote their export business; and to show exporters who already use print overseas how it can be improved.'


  • How exporters use print
  • What we are up against
  • Why planning is a must
  • Why print needs design
  • What international paper sizes mean
  • How five firms plan their print
  • What designers need to know
  • Information
  • Summing up

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