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Kelpra Studio Limited

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Publisher: Kelpra Studio Limited
Publication: 1964, First Edition
Binding: Folded single sheet
Pages: 6
Size: 140 x 300
Text: English
Design: Gordon House

Self-promotion mailer. Designed by Gordon House. Photographs by Geoffrey Gale. Screen printed by Kelpra Studio Limited.

“It may seem hard to believe today but in the UK during the 1960s silkscreen was considered to be not quite the proper medium for fine art, more the sort of thing used for display material and sundry other ephemera. But before the decade was out many artists adopted it with a no-holds-barred enthusiasm, all thanks to one print shop, Kelpra Studio.

In 1957 Chris Prater, encourage by his wife Rose, had set up in business as a commercial silkscreen printer. Being a joint venture, it was named after part of Rose’s maiden name – KELly, and Chris’s surname – PRAter.

After having worked on several art related posters, the transition to fine art prints was instigated by Gordon House followed by Eduardo Paolozzi who quickly came to appreciate the flexibility of the medium." (Source)

Condition: Very Good. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Slight rubbing to covers. Please contact me for further information on condition.

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