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Eboy Hello

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Editor: Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital, Peter Stemmler
Publisher: Laurence King
Publication: 2002, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, section sewn
Pages: 512
Size: 210 x 280
Text: English

(Foreword) 'The world of eBoy is one of robots, cars, girls and guns. Their trademark style glories in the limitations of that digital building block: the pixel. Unfeasibly buxom women, rampaging robots and over-the-top weaponry are rendered in all their blocky, lores, not quite properly three- dimensional glory. The style, an expansion of the computer desktop icon, finds its most sophisticated vehicle in Boy's Cities project: richly detailed, ever-expanding future urban environments that are like Sim Cities gone bad, with muggings, boarded-up porno cinemas, seedy bars and protesters on the streets. The joy is in the detail, built up painstakingly in Photoshop to form a bustling urban portrait with a surprise around every corner. Look carefully and you'll Find, perhaps, people playing tennis on a rooftop court oblivious to the drama of a police shoot-out in progress on the street below. Or a purple gorilla descending on a pair of construction workers while the traffic roars past on an adjacent flyover. Individual elements are built separately, then assembled to construct the city. If some parts appear familiar it may be because they have appeared in previous works: Boy keep all their graphic building blocks in a constantly updated database which they draw on for each new project. This book reproduces that entire database - the yaw material for almost every piece of work the studio has done.'

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