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Supergraphics (Unit Editions)

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Editor: Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy
Publisher: Unit Editions, London.
Publication: 2010, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, section sewn
Pages: 320
Size: 215 x 275
Text: English
Design: Spin

(Preface) Supergraphics was the name of an architectural movement in the 196os and 7os that saw architects attempt to 'remove solidity, gravity, even history' by the simple act of applying paint and graphics to the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings.

As one architectural writer noted: 'Niches of architects and designers began experimenting with Supergraphics to emulate the spatial effects of architecture. These designers distorted perspective with stripes and arrows, emphasized wayfinding and movement sequences with surface designs, joined community groups to paint illustrative graphics over blighted buildings, and played with scale by using billboarding tactics.

The result was an eruption of dazzling graphic imagery that used scale, chromatic verve, and visual sleight-of- hand to achieve aesthetic and social aims. Yet it is a body of work that rarely attracts the attention of design historians and commentators.

Today, the term Supergraphics is applied to any mega- scale graphics, usually in an environmental and commercial setting. It is more commonly referred to as Environmental Design or Environmental Graphics. And while not much of this contemporary work retains a link with its ideological origins in architectural history, there is however, as this book demonstrates, large scale work being produced all over the world that has the aesthetic heft and visual daring to match the best of 196os Supergraphics.

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