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Graphics International & Grafik: 1996 to 2010 (x104 issues, partial run)

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Publication: 1996 to 2010, First Edition
Binding: Graphics International softcover saddle-stitch, Grafik softcover perfect-bound
Pages: Various, 66 < 98
Text: English
Design: Made Thought (designers of ‘new’ Grafik format)

Huge collection of x104 issues, comprising a run of x41 'Graphics International' (1996–2003), and a run of x64 'Grafik' (2003–2010).

x23 missing issues limited to numbers; 56, 59, 84-89, 95, 97, 133, 135, 158, 165, 170-177, 180, 182-183.

Grafik lasted nearly a quarter century as an independently published magazine. It started life as Hot Graphics International in the mid '80s during the ‘Digital Revolution’. With help from Meta and a new editor Tim Rich, the magazine was transformed into a monthly magazine Graphics International. In 2001 Caroline Roberts took over the role of editor and in July 2003 the magazine underwent a radical transformation of rebranding and re-designing by London-based graphic design agency MadeThought. The magazine was now called Grafik.

Condition: Very Good. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Light rubbing and creasing to covers of earlier Graphics International, all remaining Grafik are in a very good condition. Likely to find the occasional sticky-note within some issues.

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