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Monographica 1–3 (Alan Fletcher)

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Editor: Alan Fletcher
Publisher: Tullis Russell
Publication: 2005-06, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, perfect-bound
Pages: 30 per title
Size: 148 x 210
Text: English

Monographica is published quarterly by papermakers Tullis Russell, printed on Mellotex by Gavin Martin, and put together by Alan Fletcher.

Monographica 1: People and places – 'Once upon a time Adam and Eve lived in Eden, although in different places and times. In the anthropological story they never met. However, ecclesiastics will be relieved to learn that a scientific genetic analysis, which included Australian aborigines, Danish housewives and Patagonian Indians, indicates that every single living person is descended from one ancestral African Eve who lived around some 150,000 years ago. When travelling I usually carry a notebook. These are some of the ancestral characters I've seen in terminals, boardrooms, cafés, pubs, bars, hotel lobbies, conferences, planes, trains and beaches.' Alan Fletcher, London 2005

Monographica 2: 'Typographic Folk Art – The letters used in these compositions were retrieved from abandoned market cartons, graphic ephemera and other printed rubbish. Cleating poorly printed materials, with disparate and unrelated letter forms, into cohesive graphic arrangements, is no easy task. You have to find the letter. Say the curly C of the Coca-Cola. Retrieve the carton, discreetly cut out the letter, get rid of the carton, soak the piece of card in water (third world cartons use boiled bones glue, which makes it difficult to separate paper from card), peel off the printed sheet, lay it out to dry. Assembled into a new context, the letters can now spell out different statements or messages. Or indulge in word play. I think of them as font refugees from the civic garbage disposal unit. I used to throw away the offcuts, but now I keep them to construct collages of bits and pieces. These are randomly stuck down and assembled with no objective in mind. They neither say nor mean anything at all. See detail opposite. They represent an obverse attitude.' Alan Fletcher, London 2006

Monographica 3: Facades – 'These facades were constructed with a variety of pens and pencils on various papers by different methods. Dip-pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, fibre-tips, soft pencils, hard leads. Coarse cartridge, smooth cold press, handmade papers, laid and wove stock, blotting paper. I also introduce constraints. For example drawing a facade upside-down or back-to-front really concentrates the mind. The buildings were loosely copied from postcards, photographs, travel books and other visual references. No travel expenditure, no problems with inclement weather. The objective was to reverse the architectural process by reducing volume to line, to convert three dimensions into two, to flatten space.' Alan Fletcher, London 2006

Condition: Very Good. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Light rubbing to covers. Small stain to left edge of ‘Facades’.

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