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It Is What It Is (2x4, New York)

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Publisher: 2x4, New York
Publication: 2009, Limited Edition of x2000
Binding: Softcover, section sewn
Pages: 140 x 195
Text: English

This catalog was designed In conjunction with the exhibition, it is what it is: 2x4, Tokyo, Japan, September 17 to October 11, 2009.

(Introduction) 'It is what it is (or...Are we done yet?)

What's your deliverable? It's a common question, as crass as it is self-evident. We deliver Design... 24/7. But it's a strange word-deliverable-with so many embedded assumptions. Someone else demands, requires, needs, wants, and ultimately pays (or doesn't), but we always deliver. The verb makes sense, it's the noun that's the problem: what is this thing we are handing over?

On most business forms, Graphic Design is listed under Service Industries, so that much is clear: we deliver service. We service people, people in need Okay, so maybe it's not so clear after all. Perhaps the problem is in the shifting definition of the design object. The material nature of the design object keeps slipping over the course of a project and from project to project, client to client, year to year, generation to generation...'

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