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New Alphabet. A Possibility for the New Development (Wim Crouwel)

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Editor: Pieter Brattinga
Publisher: Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co.
Publication: 2011, Reprint
Binding: Softcover saddle-stitch, housed in slip sleeve
Pages: 20
Size: 250 x 250
Text: English, French, German, Dutch
Design: Wim Crouwel

Authorised reprint (2011) initiated by David Quay, with kind permission of Wim Crouwel.

(Preface) 'When Wim Crouwel's controversial New Alphabet appeared in 1967, it gave him immediate international status and his New Alphabet became one of the seminal icons of late 20th century modernism. New Alphabet provoked reaction, and this is also recorded in the 'Kwadraatbladen' series. Anthon Beeke countered with his naked women alphabet, to what he saw as the sterility of reductionist modernism and lack of emotional content. Gerard Unger thought it more logical to adapt the machines rather than developing an alphabet with new forms. Timothy Epps took Crouwel's premise further by designing an alphabet that was more familiar, yet at the same time readable by machines. In the introduction to his 'Kwadraatblad' Crouwel wrote, that his unconventional alphabet was intended as an initial step in that direction and could be followed by further research. The debate on New Alphabet continues.'

Condition: Fine/Near Fine. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Light rubbing, odd fine crease to folder/sleeve.

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