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Architectural Review, 1973–1978 (x10 issues, mixed numbers)

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Editor: Lance Wright
Publisher: Architectural Press, London
Publication: 1973 to 1978, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, perfect-bound
Pages: 70 (average per issue)
Size: 240 x 300
Text: English

No.948, February 1976 contents: Letters. Frontispiece. The Open Refuge, De Drie Hoven, Amsterdam. Interior Design. Club, Mayfair, London. Design Review. Gallery: Lost and Recovered. Housing, Central Hill, Lambeth, London. The Improved Public House. Bank, Boston, USA. Athletics Centre, Exeter, New Hampshire, USA. Book Reviews. World.

No.954, August 1976 contents: World. Harsher than life? RSVP. Towards another architecture. Students' Union, College of Education, Leicester. Housing, Pershore. In search of the picturesque. Book reviews. Interior design. Design review. Offices, Johannesburg. Marginalia.Letters. Keep it up.

No.960, February 1977 contents: Towards another architecture. RSVP. World. Frontispiece. Out of the studio and into life'. Civic Offices, Portsmouth. Interior design. Books. Design review in Milan. Gallery. Italian Renaissance in Crete.

No.961, March 1977 contents: Towards another architecture:. RSVP. Marginalia. World. Frontispiece. Scapegoat. School in Barcelona. MBM and the Barcelona School. Management institute, Sandyford, Co Dublin. People into buildings. Interior design. Unconventional approaches to design:. Dark arches. Albori.

No.962, April 1977 contents: RSVP. Towards another architecture. Marginalia. World. Frontispiece. Taste. Shopping and recreation centre, Newcastle upon Tyne. A cavalcade of tastes. Gdansk. Design review. Interior design. Ready-mixed paint in the eighteenth century. Books. Gallery. Obituary: Sir Basil Spence. Keep it up.

No.695, July 1977 contents: RSVP: Returning to ornament. Towards another architecture:. Marginalia. World. Frontispiece. All glorious within. Museum of London. History of taste 3. Beautiful Tudor. Art centre, Yale University. Books. Interior design: Hotel public areas and club, Birmingham. Rhapsody in black glass.

No.966, August 1977 contents: Towards another architecture. What does the architect. RSVP. Marginalia. World.Frontispiece. House and home. Four houses. Offices and dining rooms. Interior design. Design review. History of taste. Books. Gallery. Antipodean restoration.

No.967, September 1977 contents: Towards another architecture. RSVP. Marginalia. World. Frontispiece. The London Mosque. Science block, Wellesley. Brunelleschi's dome. Books. Interior design. Housing, Chelsea, London. History of taste. Gallery. Rhodes spa.

No.973, March 1978 contents: Marginalia. Letters. Frontispiece. Semiotics. Through the looking glass Government offices, Canberra. Sir John Soane and the. Books. Feliks Topolski: "Memoir of the Century?. Victorian revival. House, Camden, London. Two Ulster churches. Hum drum Brum. Interior design. Design review.

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Condition: Very Good. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Light rubbing to covers. Light tanning to the interior pages.

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