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Icographic: A quarterly Review of International Visual Communication Design (x7 issues, broken run)

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Editor: Patrick Wallis Burke
Publisher: International Council of Graphic Design Associations
Publication: 1971 to 1979, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, saddle-stitch
Pages: 24–32 per issue
Size: 210 x 297
Text: English

Icographic, x7 issues.

Icographic, a magazine on visual communication founded by John Halas in 1971 and designed and edited by Patrick Wallis Burke. The journal addressed the broader areas of visual communication such as semiotics, communication theory, ergonomics of visual communication and the psychology of perception.

Issue No.2 contents; Television as universal educator, Defining the goals of education, Laser holography as a new medium for visual communication, Visual study in teaching animation, Research into variability of sign, perception in horizontal motion, Audio-visual hardware, The book in an audio-visual world, Visual communication and education, and Some views on the Viscom 71 congress and exhibition on the learning industry.

Issue No.4 contents; National Institute of Design, Paldi Ahmedabad, India. An American view of British graphic design education. Problems of adult education. Visual communication in East Africa. Designing books that present a visual argument. The myths of art and science. Our collective knowledge.

Issue No.6 contents; Some aspects of design from the perspective of a woman designer. Legibility research--the ergonomics of print. Alphanumeric symbols for mosaic printers and display tubes. LoCoS-an experimental pictorial language.

Issue No.7 contents; Type in our environment. A proposition for education in letterforms and handwriting. Investigation into colour preferences. Swiss posters for Amnesty International. Signposting and communication media. Concerning signposting. Sound-writing. Typographical training for technicians and technical training for typographers.

Issue No.8 contents; One writing for one world - the pioneer work of c K Bliss TyposAsia 74, Stamp on it - some aspects of postage stamp design, Communication in an environment by an environment, The roots of the problem, Easier than ABC - some experiments with a 'plastic' language, six thousand yers of writing, How to design Chinese (without really being able to read it).

Issue No.10 contents; The significance of Isotype. Isotype USA. Bauhaus and grandson of Bauhaus. Towards a more consistent English spelling. Towards a new alphabet. First steps on a thousand mile journey. Design education and standardisation. Problem solving in the man-made environment. Traveller's symbols.

Issue No.14/15 contents; The London Underground diagram. Blissymbols for the handicapped - a manner of speaking. Type research at the London College of Printing. Tell us what's wrong in pictures - a medical phrase book. Pictorial prescription labels. Design students project - graphic symbols for public information. New ways to view world problems. First steps on a thousand mile journey.

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