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Stereographics: Graphics in New Dimensions

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Publisher: Viction:ary
Publication: 2008, First Edition
Binding: Softcover, section sewn
Pages: 222
Size: 205 x 270
Text: English

(Publishers overview) 'The surge in 3-D graphic application is often attributed to designers' love-and-hate relationship with the ubiquitous digital technology. Designers possessing a diverse set of skills today - from a knack for materials, 3-D model-making skills, to the expertise and aesthetic sensibilities in lighting and shooting - always look for possibilities of stretching the medium of presentation and go beyond plain digital work. The resulted hybrid of flat graphics and real objects could just give a quality that change perceptions in a much more powerful way, when out-of-the-world pictorial language is no longer just make-belief. Entitled Stereographics, with reference to the geometric term 'stereography' (art of picturing 3-D solid bodies on a 2-D plane), the tomb reveals how graphics makes its mark on the 3D realm through 4 inspiring case studies explaining each step with insights into problem-solving, plus a diverse collection of works from over 60 design units worldwide.'

Condition: Very Good. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Light rubbing to cover and edges.

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