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DE?!GN: the problem comes first (Danish Design Centre)

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Editor: Jens Bernsen
Publisher: Danish Design Centre
Publication: 1989, Fifth Edition
Binding: Hardcover, section sewn
Pages: 132
Size: 215 x 205
Text: English, Danish

(Preface) DESIGN: the problem comes first is about first step of the process that creates an innovative design. The idea of the book is that the statement of a problem holds the key to its solution. Good design is as much a matter of asking the right questions as of answering them. Design is a process. It starts with a definition of a purpose. It progresses via a series of questions and answers, one being generated by the other, and ends with an: I have found it! The solution which lies out there somewhere, waiting to be found. The book explores this theme for a total of 26 ish products, each of which is presented as a problem statement and its solution. When together, these brief case histories may also be read as a textbook on the creation of an innovative product concept illustrated through two dozen Danish products which have become the sol n to the problem they identify and solve.

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