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A History of Land Transportation - New Illustrated Library of Science & Invention VOL.7

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Details: Fabre, Maurice. Leisure Arts, London. 1964. First British edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Section sewn. 112pp. 270 x 175mm. Printed in colour, black and white, paginated. Text in English. Designer: Nitsche, Erik. Printed in Switzerland.

Foreword: "The history of land transportation is a story of geniuses, industrialists, daredevils, and men of great foresight. It is the story of the ancient amber and silk routes, the first trade and caravan routes winding across Europe, Asia, and Africa ; of automobiles, railroads, subways, trams, carriages ; of the steam engine, the internal Combustion engine, the diesel engine ; of the building of bridges and tunnels and the laying of rails and highways."

Fair condition; Cover coming loose from binding, toning pages. Dust jacket tapped to cover. Please contact us should you have any further questions about condition.