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Avant Garde 3 (Herb Lubalin)

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Editor: Ralph Ginzburg
Publisher: Avant Garde Media
Publication: 1968, First Edition
Binding: Perfect-bound
Pages: 64
Size: 275 x 275mm
Text: English
Art Director: Herb Lubalin

'Avant Garde is a seminal, but somewhat overlooked by a wider public, magazine, which broke taboos, rattled some nerves and made a few enemies. The magazine was the brainchild of Ralph Ginzburg, an eager and zealous publisher, even if the path that led to Avant Garde wasn’t so straightforward. It represents the third major collaboration between Ralph Ginzburg and Herb Lubalin, the magazine’s talented art director. The two previous magazines came to unexpected demise due to their candor and provocativeness, that landed them into legal trouble.' (Source)

Contents include; Revaluation of the Dollar, Paul Krassner, Andy's (Warhol) Girls, "Was it good for you, too?", The Future of Criminal Law, The First Church of Love, etc...

Condition: Good. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Slight rubbing to covers. Cover slightly coming away from binding. Please contact me for further information on condition.

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