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Ford Car Dealer Advertising (1973)

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Publisher: Ford Motors
Publication: 1973, First Edition
Binding: D-Ring binder
Pages: 80
Size: 270 x 310
Text: English

Introduction: It is vital for every dealership to project a favourable image to the customers in its own areas and advertising is one of the most effective ways of doing this. The majority of dealerships do not spend enough money on advertising to warrant their hiring advertising agencies for this purpose. However, it doesn't need a large budget or a professional advertising agency to make your own dealership's local advertising effective. We have, therefore, designed this Dealer Advertising Book to give you a complete guide to all available dealer advertisements and we intend this book to be a long term advertising manual for your use. We have decided to issue a standard guide for both Main and Retail dealers to provide the most efficient service to you. However, when you look through this book you will find that there are certain sections which are not necessarily applicable to all dealerships, for instance, Leasing and Advanced Vehicle Operations. Similarly in the used vehicle section although many of the blocks feature A1 slogans and, therefore, cannot be used by all dealers, there are others which if used in conjunction with the suggested layouts, will produce hard hitting used car advertising for any dealer.

Contents: The material included in this book falls into three main types -

1 Corporate signature blocks for use with your name when you are constructing your own dealership signature.

2 Product line drawings with and without background treatment, and quarter tone blocks which you and your local advertising agency or newspaper can use to produce personalised advertising for your dealership.

3 Complete advertising blocks in a varying range of sizes which are particularly useful to those dealers who either do not employ their own advertising agency or have an advertising specialist amongst their staff. These advertisements enable you to use material produced by the Company's own advertising agency, reflecting the theme of national press advertising in most instances and which need no adaptation apart from the addition of your own dealership's name and address. The trouble with most advertising manuals is that they quickly become out of date. We will be sending you new and updated material for the book as it becomes available. All the sheets in the book have been dated to enable easy identification of the latest issue and when new sheets are sent out to you, we will be advising you which sheets they replace. It is vital that you, from a dealership point of view, keep this booklet up to date. In this way you will be able to draw quickly and readily on all up to date material.


  1. Introduction
  2. Escort
  3. Cortina
  4. Capri
  5. Consul
  6. Granada
  7. Light Vans
  8. Advanced Vehicles Operations (pages missing)
  9. Used Cars
  10. Service
  11. Rent-a-Car
  12. Rent-a-Van
  13. Leasing
  14. Corporate Signatures
  15. Miscellaneous (pages missing)
  16. Order Forms

Condition: Very Good. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Rubbing to binder cover, light tanning to outer edges of interior pages, occasional light marks. Please contact me for further information on condition.

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