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Kinder Segels (Slothouber & Graatsma)

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Publisher: PPT
Publication: 1970, First Edition
Size: 175 x 175 opening to 700 x 700
Text: Dutch

Promotional brochure opening out to poster. 

(Foreword) 'The designers of the 1970 children's stamps are the architects William Graatsma and Jan Slothouber. Together they form the management of the Center for Cubic Constructions (CCC) located in Heerlen. The projection of a cube is shown on every stamp of this series. In its presentation, the apparently simple block not only shows a changing combination of color areas, but also offers many optical surprises. If one moment we see a block, as it usually looks from the outside, the next moment we are looking into an open "little room". The image is active and does not cease to stimulate the eye and to ask questions. This block, a regular six-plane, can be experienced as a cube both in the plane and spatially. Moreover, such a cube has the effect that the color areas can be seen both far away and close up. As a result, the observed image appears to be in constant motion.'

'After an architectural education, Jan Slothouber (1918) and William Graatsma (1925) worked from 1955 for the Dutch State Mines (later DSM). Their task here was to give the company a recognizable face by designing packaging, product applications, advertisements and exhibitions. Slothouber and Graatsma ended up in the world of modern visual art almost by accident. This probably had to do with the interest that arose in serialism, concept and minimal art at the time. Employees of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam presented the duo with the exhibition 'four sides: size, shape, color, letter', after which they founded the Center for Cubic Constructions (CCC). Under this name Slothouber and Graatsma investigated the mathematical regularity of the cube, applied in various constructions of different materials. CCC developed, among other things, a cubic grid, but also street furniture and furniture with cube shapes that the user could group together in different ways (Source)

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