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Octavo 92.8 CD-ROM (8vo)

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Editor(s): Simon Johnston, Mark Holt, Michael Burke, Hamish Muir
Publisher: Eight Five to Zero
Publication: 1992, First Edition
Size: 230 x 310
Text: English
Feature(s): Limited Edition

CD-ROM housed in original shipping container, includes subscription cover letter. The original issued poster is not present.

"The final issue of Octavo was published as an interactive CD-ROM. 8vo had been working on various print options for the eighth issue since the publication of 90.7 but to no avail. Around this time interactive multi-media was being discussed as the future and a replacement for print. It seemed appropriate to examine some of the issues for communication via typographic form in this new media. Working with writers Bridget Wilkins and Deborah Marshall, 8vo compiled a list of relevant topics to cover some of the pressing questions which were examined in interviews and articles by the two authors. Designed and built by 8vo using Macromind Director, the main delivery of content in 92.8 was via voice narration with a type based interface featuring interactive punctuation to allow the user to navigate and control the delivery of the content. The predictions of the death of print circulating in the early nineties were premature. Indeed, after a couple of years, 92.8 itself was rendered inaccessible due to changes in operating system and hardware technology. Apart from the disc itself and the CD packaging, one thing that did survive was the A1 poster shown at right – this was included in the mailing box with the CD-ROM." (Source)

Condition: Fine/Near Fine. All titles are used and show shelf ware consistent with age. Slight rubbing to covers. Please contact me for further information on condition.

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