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Printed Ephemera (John Lewis)

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Editor: John Lewis
Publisher: W.S.Cowell
Publication: 1962, First Edition
Binding: Case-bound
Pages: 288
Size: 240 x 310
Text: English

Printed Ephemera; The changing uses of type and letterforms in English and American printing

(Preface) 'Ephemeral printing is older than book printing and because of its unselfconsciousness often provides a truer picture of the time. Printed Ephemera covers a wide variety of material and reveals a series of fascinating and little-explored fields for the collector, as well as being a fund of ideas for designers and a stimulating guide to all lovers of printing.

Mr Lewis describes the development and changing uses of type and letterforms in English and American printing. Apart from a brief look at the earliest of all ephemeral printing, the Papal Indulgences of the fifteenth century and the sixteenth century proclamations and decrees, and a slightly longer look at the charming engraved billheads and trade cards of the eighteenth century, he is mainly concerned with letterpress printers' jobbing work. He traces its development from the vivid typographic vernacular developed in the first half of the nineteenth century, through its decline in both England and. America during the next hundred years or so, to its sudden flowering today, when in art schools and amateur print shops on both sides of the Atlantic designers have rediscovered the wonderful material available in wood and metal letters, in borders, furniture and ornament.

John Lewis collected much of his American material during a series of lecture tours there and in Canada. He is a Fellow of the Society of Industrial Artists, Tutor in Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art, London, and Art Director to the printers, W. S. Cowell Limited, Ipswich.

This is a book for collectors and bibliophiles, for typographers and designers, publishers and printers, for advertising men and commercial artists, film and TV directors, as well as for anyone interested in social history. It Contains a fully illustrated chronological type glossary and a fully classified index under six headings.'

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