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Rückblick 1861-1962, One Hundredth Business Report 1962 - Gerstner, Gredinger + Kutter

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Details: Helvetia, Swiss Fire Insurance Company. 1963. First edition. Hardcover. Perfect bound. 60pp. 275 x 215mm. Printed in colour, black and white, paginated. Text in German. Designer: Gerstner, Gredinger + Kutter, Basel. Printer: Conzett & Huber, Zurich.

Features: Designed by Gerstner, Gredinger + Kutter

About: Rückblick 1861-1962, One Hundredth Business Report 1962. Black and white text pages, with pull out financial charts set in colour, plus financial figures presented on various coloured paper stocks. Includes envelope that houses a headed cover letter, postcards and order sheets. Foreword: "The completion of the 100th business year of a company is usually taken as an occasion for reflection and review in an anniversary publication. Our festive gift, which stimulates reflection, is the photo book «Fire», which is a documentation and homage of a special kind for that element that justifies the existence of our society through its destructive outbursts. The retrospective, however, which we hereby present to our shareholders and business friends, does not claim to be raised to the rank of those commemorative publications that tend to present a comprehensive overview of the company's history. Even in its appendix, it is no more than a brief outline of the 100-year development of the , without striving for a detailed connection with the economic and political history.”

Very good condition; slight marking on top front edge/cover of binding, slight bump to bottom front of cover. Please contact us should you have any further questions about condition.