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An International Survey of the Art of Window Display

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Details: Graphis, Zürich. Walter Herdeg. 1961. First edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Section sewn. 288pp. 240 x 305mm. Printed predominately in black and white with few colour images, paginated. Text in English, German, and French. Jacket design by Celestino Piatti.

About: A richly illustrated survey of window display design of the time, divided into chapters focusing on various countries (France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, United States), in addition to chapters on animated displays, mannequins, paper sculpture, etc. Includes wonderful advertisements designed by the likes of Jakob Bucher, Karl Gerstner and Wim Strijbosch. Exception condition for its age.

(Foreword) "Window display has not profited as much as the other branches of advertising from the enormous expansion following the Second World War. Its effectiveness is still under-estimated in many quarters, and numerous managements are still hesitating to embark on new experiments. On the other hand, window display has to cater for a public whose buying power has soared in recent years and which has been so spoilt by the high standards of graphic advertising art that it also expects increasing originality in the display field. Obviously there is no simple 'how to do it' recipe for outstanding work. The purpose of this second volume of WINDOW DISPLAY - as of the first volume, now long out of print — is therefore to provide as comprehensive as possible a survey of international window decoration, and to show, alongside the outstanding contribution, examples of the good average, which are an equally important part of the complete picture. First and foremost, however, this work is meant as a handbook of inspirations and a contribution towards a higher level of window display art. The chapter on mannequins has been extended and a new section on exhibitions included. The latter are mainly the exhibitions on special subjects often staged by department stores, which are meeting with growing interest on the part of the public and which raise design problems essentially similar to those of the show-window."

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