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Atelier 14 Stedelijk Museum (Wim Crouwel)

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Publisher: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Publication: 1977, First Edition
Binding: Gate folder with loose sheets
Pages: 22
Size: 215 x 280
Text: Dutch
Design: Total Design, Wim Crouwel

Atelier 14: Stedelijk Museum catalogue no. 625. Portfolio with 10 leaves, each of which profiles Ania Bien, Hans Biezen, Corrie de Boer, Marijke de Ley, Peter Martens, Frans van Nieuwenborg/martijn Wegman, Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, Volkert Reyn, Margot Rolf, Gerard Unger.

(Preface) 'The Atelier exhibitions have been very different in character since 1965, when the first was organised. In the beginning it was a combination of twelve solo exhibitions by artists whose recent work from the studio was shown. Usually they were young artists, sometimes older ones, who had changed their working method. Mutual kinship was not necessary and the disciplines were evenly distributed, so that paintings, sculptures, graphics, ceramics and tapestries could be seen side by side in such an exhibition. In recent years, the disjointed 'art fair' nature of these exhibitions has been criticized.

It was decided to give the Atelier exhibitions a thematic character; No. 11, for example, was devoted to drawings, No. 12 to animation films, and No. 13 showed the work of eleven painters. This set-up, however, gave rise to other criticisms; it was felt that certain disciplines were not sufficiently covered and the surprising element of the old Atelier exhibitions was often missed. This year it was decided that the Applied Arts department would organize an Atelier exhibition according to the original set-up. A special emphasis would be the photography section, which has been given its own place in the exhibition area of ​​the Stedelijk Museum over the past two years.

There is no real theme for Atelier 14. The photographers are obviously working in a different way than the other seven participants, who are all investigating the applicability of certain techniques and forms experimentally. It is striking that this last category is thought in mathematical forms. Arithmetic series are systematically applied by four exhibitors, but elaborated in very different ways. The search for new possibilities through a small change in the system is a common feature, as is a great technical interest.

The results are very diverse; The exhibition includes chairs, lamps, jewellery, color studies in screen printing and textiles, paper structures and type designs. In photography, the camera is a technical aid; it implies to a much lesser extent the handicraft that is typical of the other disciplines. As a result, the focus has shifted from making itself to capturing images. The work of three photographers is on display, each of whom has a very personal vision of this society and who therefore arrive at a very different design. The texts in the catalog are a result of conversations between members of the Applied Art department and the artists or are a personal statement by the artist.'

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